Choosing the right HDTV to play games on is hard as hell

Thankfully there’s a website that can help you choose the right HDTV for gaming.



The thing is, just because a set is great for watching movies and sports, that doesn’t mean it’ll be suited for playing video games. One of the biggest issues is input lag, which is the delay between a button press and its associated action happening on screen. Even a few microseconds can cost you big time in the middle of a heated match.

Adeel Soomro, a competitive Street Fighter player knows this all to well, which is why he started up As the name implies, the star attraction is a database of television and monitors, that tells you which is hot and worth getting, along with which are not and best avoided. Even better is how most sets have links to Amazon so you don’t even have t shop around.

The site is also chock-full of useful info. Along with a detailed explanation of why input lag sucks, you also have a handy tutorial as to how to enable game mode on your set. A definite must bookmark for the next time you go to Best Buy.