Chris Brown break dances in ‘Battle of the Year’ trailer

Most of us have seen YouTube videos from the b-boy world championships, but now the event has its own movie. Battle of the Year looks like Stomp the Yard meets You Got Served…starring Chris Brown. I’ll admit I’m going to see it.

I don’t know a ton about b-boy culture, but my feeling is that this is only slightly accurate. Then again, I don’t care. I just want to watch people break dance. Sure we have to sit through an annoying story line about USA coming together as a team instead acting like individual performers, but who cares? It should be the dance movie to date, though that’s not saying much. I just hope they don’t go the feel-good route, because there’s no way Chris Brown can beat all the Koreans.

The international trailer for Battle of the Year is clearly misleading about the plot. I can’t wait to see how pissed non-American movie-goers are when they find out it’s all about Team USA.