CM Punk may have left the WWE for good

by 4 years ago


WWE’s most popular wrestler may have walked out on the company Monday. CM Punk, unhappy with his storyline (among other things) chose not to show up to Monday Night Raw. That morning, Punk sent out this ambiguous tweet.


Several sites are reporting that Punk has been pulled from future events. This despite being under contract through July. Here’s 411mania with the specifics.

The feeling is that the late re-writes for the show on Monday were because Punk had informed the company he was going home and wouldn’t be back. Word is that this is not an injury situation, but instead a case of burnout and unhappiness with the overall direction of the company. Punk had been very vocal in the past about the usage of returning and “part time” stars being pushed beyond wrestlers who were working full-time for the company.

Of course, because this is WWE you have to ask—is this real? Is this part of a bigger storyline? My gut says this is the real deal. CM Punk hasn’t been happy with the company and has expressed his discontent in interviews.

Perhaps he needs time off–blow off some steam or whatever. Come back in a few weeks/months.

But maybe, just maybe this is the end of CM Punk. And that would be…wow.