Colorado Rockies planning on selling marijuana brownies at games this year

Some fans who attend Colorado Rockies games are going to have a REALLY relaxing time at the old ballpark as a new report says that the team is planning on selling marijuana brownies during games.

As you surely know by now weed is legal in The Centennial State so naturally the Rockies are planning to capitalize.

According to the Legion Report, “The Colorado Rockies are expected to use the very best strain of Marijuana in the state of Colorado. This strain is featured in the Marijuana Brownies is ‘Durango Bango,’ or commonly referred to as ‘Bingo Bango.'”

Not only does the organization expect the sale of these brownies to increase ticket sales (duh) they also expect that their sale will increase their concession stand revenue because, you know…the munchies.

No word yet on whether there will be a special promotion on the brownies for the Rockies game versus the Brewers on 4/20. Maybe they can combine the two teams and have a beer and a brownie combo deal?

UPDATE: Turns out the report was based on a parody story. Damn you Onion, see what you started?! Despite that, I still think it’s a great idea and you know that it’s day is coming. Fingers crossed.

Colorado Rockies to Sell Marijuana Brownies at Games [Legion Report]

Photo: Cliff, Flickr