LAST CHANCE! Compete with Katie in fantasy baseball for a shot to win an iPad Mini

You probably beat Katie in the first three rounds of our DraftKings competitions; everyone did. But now you can get an iPad Mini to do it again.

Guyism composite

DraftKings runs one day fantasy baseball games that let you show off your fantasy baseball skill without any of the long-term lineup setting effort. And we’re running a special game that’ll give the first place winner a brand new iPad Mini!

Go to DraftKings and put together your team in our special Guyism game now.

All entries have to be in before 7:00 PM Eastern on April 19, so get those lineups ready.

Note: This round of the “Compete with Katie” game requires a $11 entry fee to make sure you’re on the up and up. But the top 5 finishers will all get $10 back, and places 6-10 get $5 back. It’s a small price to pay for a shot at taking Katie down a peg (for all of us).

Sign up for the Guyism contest on DraftKings now! Do it for the good of mankind.