‘Conan’ unveils exclusive ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ clip

Little of Amazing Spider-Man 2 has been seen thus far, but Conan got his hands on an exclusive clip. We can tell from this rare footage that Spiderman is taking it old school this time. Very old school.

Trolled by Conan yet again. While we sometimes complain movies are too focused on effects these days, this is a great reminded about how much better that is than the alternative. The clip is from the 1978 TV-Movie Spider-Man Strikes Back, and not even JoAnna Cameron in a bikini could make me want to watch much more of it.

Since I know you’re about to Google, “hot chick in bikini in Spider-Man Strikes Back, I did it for you. The lovely lady is JoAnna Cameron. She’s best known for being hot and her superhero TV show, Secrets of Isis.



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