This Chubby Corgi Puppy Couldn’t Be Any More Basic, Is Obsessed With Pumpkins



The narrative of being ‘basic’ meaning that a person is freakishly obsessed with pumpkins is getting a bit tired, but you can’t deny this corgi puppy is obsessed, and that does in fact make him basic.

Could you imagine if this was a pumpkin-spiced chew toy? Or if this husky lil corgi puppy had a little pumpkin (spiced) mixed in with his kibble? He’d absolutely flip. So, without further ado, here’s video of a corgi puppy’s life being ruined by pumpkin obsession, and then a hi-def animated GIF analysis of said destruction.

And now we break it down in GIF….

The unassuming corgi puppy eyes his mark, begins to size up his target:



Dat teething tho:



This is mine, you go now:



Leave me alone, it’s quite time now, this is mine:



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