World’s creepiest realtor arrested for stealing female client’s clothes

Important life lesson alert: No matter what degree of access you have to a woman’s clothes, it’s never okay to steal or sniff them. Virginia realtor Stephen Brumme is going to have to learn that one the hard way after being arrested on Monday.

creepy realtor


A pair of married homeowners were looking to sell their Arlington, Va. home with the aid of all of the available real estate agents in the area. The couple installed surveillance cameras in their home after noticing that another real estate agent had left a razor blade in their garbage disposal for reasons unclear.

Brumme entered the house as a registered real estate agent to show the home to a client. But the liberties taken in the video below with the female homeowner’s lingerie — both the husband and wife were out of town — proved to be a criminal offense that made the couple take action.

Police arrested Brumme and charged him with burglary and possession of burglarious tools after the couple showed police the video.

The husband told that the footage of Brumme rifling through his wife’s undergarments “creeped [them] out.”

Police suspect that the casual behavior of Brumme in the video suggests that there may be other victims of his unbridled enthusiasm for ladies’ underwear.

You can see the surveillance footage below. Feel free to play the game “What did Brumme do with the stolen property?” in the comments.