Cris Carter on Jonathan Martin: ‘It’s a shame no one stand up for that kid’

NFL players, both past and present have weighed in on the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation. ESPN analyst Cris Carter offered his thoughts in a passionate 1-minute rant yesterday. It’s beautiful, it’s spot on, it’s a must-watch.

“I’m really disappointed in his teammates”, Carter said. “How could they not know?”

“When a young kid can’t go to a coach and tell him what’s happening to him, that’s how guys get weeded out in the football league.”

“It’s a shame no one stand up for that kid.”

Spot on Cris Carter, spot on.

Carter played 16-years in the NFL, he knows the difference between teasing, playful hazing and bullying. What went on in Miami was a disgrace. What went on in Miami should cost people their jobs. Richie Incognito lost his, perhaps Joe Philbin should too.