Watch this informative video from 1997 about how to cybersex properly

In case you’re behind, like seventeen years, takes note during this video about the wonderful world of sex with strangers via internet.

Unearthed by the wonderful people over at Found Footage Festival, this video is 100% real and 100% fantastic.

This is a very real instructional video that [we] dug up in a thrift store in Minnesota recently. It comes from 1997, a simpler time before sexting and SnapChat, when the secrets to cybersex could only be unlocked with a VHS how-to video. We can’t decide whether it’s trying to be informational or sexy but it succeeds at neither. One thing is certain: tedium has never been this topless!

Most important points — come right out of the shoot with “I’m very horny” and make sure to take your top off but leave your pants on. Perhaps the next video this young lady should watch is “how to masturbate properly.”

[via i09]

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