Dan Patrick’s ‘Audible Ale’ is crushable craft

I had a chance to try the new collaboration between Redhook Brewing and Dan Patrick, and the results are about what you would expect from both of them.



I’ve long been a fan of Redhook because they offer craft beer enjoyment without jumping into the deep end. They are a solid step up from the Budweisers of the world but will never be confused for Stone Brewing Co. Flavors are prominent but not big, and their beers are sessionable. Audible Ale fits perfectly into that mold. It’s crisp, well-carbonated, and slightly bitter. You get some of the hop profile but you probably couldn’t sit there and say, “oh yeah, these are definitely cascade hops boiled for 28 minutes.”

The marketing materials refer to it as “crushable craft” and I’d like to shake the person’s hand who thought of that. It describes this Audible perfectly. You’re definitely drinking a real beer, but you could probably throw back a six-pack per half. It’s 4.7% ABV, which backs up my uneducated claim.

This partnership seems fitting. Dan Patrick is similar to Redhook in terms of his place in the industry. He’s intelligent, popular, and always brings a unique perspective. He’s not afraid of an argument but isn’t going to start one for the sake of fodder. With people like Stephen A. Smith and his shouting buddy Skip Bayless out there, Patrick seems downright reserved. Plus, you’ve gotta love having a genuine beer lover behind the mic. Cheers, Dan.

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