Dead guy performs at local comedy night


Kevin Dorothy, 53, can cross “stand-up” comedian off his bucket list. Well, his friends can, because Kevin is dead.

His lifelong dream of performing comedy at a local club came true after he passed away. The Belfast native was taken onstage, in an urn, by friend Stephen Mullan. Stephen’s routine consisted of jokes Kevin had texted to him and other friends over the years.

“Kevin had a habit of texting the most cringe-inducing jokes to all his pals,” said another of Kevin’s friends, Tom Sweeney. “I always read them, groaned and deleted them right away – they were awful. Stephen, however, kept them – five years’ worth. And that’s what the audience was treated to.

His friends aren’t done with his ashes.

“The big fella loved his Guinness, so the plan is to scatter his ashes in the (River) Liffey in the hope that maybe just even just one molecule of the man we all loved so much will find its way into a pint of the black stuff.”

Honestly, would anyone notice ashes in a Guinness? You wouldn’t see them, smell them or taste them.

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