DeleteMe Mobile lets you clean up your web history on the go

Look, if you’re on the Internet, you have a history. If you log into a site with Facebook, it keeps a careful record of that, forming a profile of you over time. Your laptop has cookies. Your phone has free apps flipping through your stuff. Public records are collected and archived for people to search. It’s enough to make you wish you could opt out.


Well, now you can!

DeleteMe Mobile is essentially designed to allow you to wipe databases of your information. In theory, you can do this on your own, but as there are no guidelines to data collection, most sites make it agonizingly difficult to actually remove your info… and sometimes, they don’t even take it down. It’s especially annoying because physical spammers also farm these lists.

So, DeleteMe takes care of it for you. Needless to say, they don’t do it for free; it’s $129 for one year of service for one person.

But, it’s automatic, it takes out junk mail and other crud as well, and hey, if nothing else, you can start browsing out of incognito mode occasionally.

DeleteMe Mobile [iTunes]