Delta bumps 50 passengers off flight for Florida basketball team

On Sunday afternoon, passengers on Delta flight 5059 were told there was a mechanical failure. They were told that their flight out of Gainesville Regional Airport was canceled. Turns out, the Florida basketball team just needed a ride. Turns out, their business is more important than yours.


Their business of course, a Monday night game with Connecticut. One passenger missed a funeral so a basketball game could be played.


Florida usually travels by charter but ran into some maintenance issues. Delta solved that problem by bumping passengers off flight 5059. Many of the passengers were given vouchers for a later flight. Others opted to drive to Jacksonville, Orlando and Tampa airports.

The University of Florida claims they knew nothing about passengers getting bumped. They claim the decision rested solely with Delta.

Someone has some explaining to do.

By the way, Florida lost at the buzzer to UConn. I’m not saying this was karma but…