Denny’s Diva sings ‘Bacon Makes It Better’

Denny’s wants to get some of that internet money and believe that singing songs about bacon is the best way to get it. They recruited web-stars Rhett & Link to join the Bacon Diva, and this is what we get. But I thought we already have a Tosh.0 knock off, “Ridiculousness.”

I almost stopped the video until the line about holding hands, but that’s when I realized the songs were actually funny. It was nice to see Rhett & Link resurrect Bacon Bot from their smash hit, “Rub Some Bacon On It.” Some people cry foul when their favorite YouTube personality goes commercial, but I say good for them. You can only walk around yelling “YouTube money!” for so long.

Denny’s is going out on this attempt to be trendy and have an entire page dedicated to it. There are videos, gifs, memes. If the internet currently loves it, they threw it in there. Denny’s will even mail you a coupon for free bacon. Maybe they’re right, bacon does make it better.