Detroit teacher breaks up fight in her classroom with broom, gets fired

Detroit teacher fired

Pershing High School is one of the most dangerous schools in Detroit, if not the nation. When a fight broke out recently between two students, one teacher took matters into her own hands and stopped it with a broom. She has since been fired.

Cell phone video has surfaced of the incident. It’s pretty vile and disgusting. If not for the teacher and another student stepping in, someone would have been hospitalized.

Protocol dictates that teachers use a walkie-talkie to communicate problems in the classroom. Sure enough, this teacher’s device was broken. Cue Detroit bankruptcy joke.

A representative from Pershing’s communication’s office says teachers were instructed during orientation to call for security on a walkie talkie during such situations. FOX 2 has learned this teacher’s walkie talkie wasn’t working.

Because Pershing is such a shithole and because it is in the state’s school turnaround district, teachers are not part of a union. Therefore, this poor woman cannot file an appeal. One of the boys in the fight gave an interview with Fox2 Detroit, called her his favorite teacher. Then went ahead and said she should have waited for security. All this while his mother stood by and basically defended his behavior.

Everything about this story sucks. It sucks bad. We shouldn’t be firing this lady, we should be giving her a goddamn medal of honor.

And we wonder why there’s a teacher shortage in the inner city. What nonsense.