Dogfish Head brings back experimental ‘Noble Rot’

Beer guys mock wine guys. Wine guy mock beer guys. Can’t we all just get along? The answer is yes, and the result is Dogfish Head’s “Noble Rot.”

You have to love people that can make fun of themselves, and that’s exactly what goes on between Dogfish Head and Alexandria Nicole Cellars. Thankfully they put their difference aside to produce Noble Rot again, because it was a big hit with me. It was one of the most interesting beers I drank last year, and I had some weird stuff. It wasn’t just a novelty product either. It’s truly a good beer.

If you have a girlfriend who you’re trying to convert from wine-only to something a little more open-minded, this should do the trick. If it’s still not her bag, she can at least enjoy the awesome old-timey music in the video.