Domino’s Live lets you watch pizza being made

I love Domino’s Pizza Tracker, but Domino’s Live takes things the next level. Now you can watch your pizza being made start to finish from 5 different cameras. Unfortunately this is just being tested in St. Lake City for now, but hopefully it increases business and they decide install the system at every store. An added benefit is the assurance that your pizza will be well taken care of because they know people are watching. Just be sure to order something obscure so you know which is yours!

You can check out the feed in Salt Lake by going to The camera streams from 11am to 11pm Mountain time, but for the real chaos, tune in at from 7:30pm to 12:30am EST for their busiest time.

Before you rush down to the comments to slam Domino’s pizza, I don’t care. Yes, I’m sure there are several better pizza joints right by your house. Do they sell two-topping 12″ pizzas for $6? No, they don’t. Plus when you’re starving but too lazy to make something, the only thing faster than Dominos is Jimmy Johns.