Donald Sterling says he made ‘one mistake’ in 35 years as Clippers owner

by 6 years ago

Donald Sterling

Donald Sterling says he isn’t a racist, that his words caught on tape by mistress V. Stiviano amounted to a “terrible, terrible mistake.” In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper that will air tonight at 8pm, Sterling apologizes for his words, repeatedly saying he was wrong.

Donald Sterling made one mistake in 35 years? As Clippers owner? Bro, I hate to go all sorority girl on you but….


Like, if you’re gonna come out and apologize for being a dumbass racist, at least tell the GODDAMN TRUTH. We’re entitled to it. Your entire existence as Clippers owner has been one mistake after another. I mean, you remember how you kept Elgin Baylor on as the worst GM in sports history, right? You remember how he had 2 winning seasons in 22 years as a GM? You remember how you went to the playoffs once during that time?

Am I taking crazy pills or something? What’s going on here?


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