8 do’s and don’ts for a successful best man speech

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The best man speech is a sacred and singular expression of brotherhood that is reserved for a special day: the day you get drunk at your best friend’s wedding. But it’s not all fun and games; best man speeches can drone on or take a turn for the embarrassing more easily than you’d think. Here are some do’s and don’ts for a successful best man speech.

8 DON’T be too inappropriate

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Talking about the wedding night or anything else that has no place in a best man speech is crude to do in front of Grandma Eloise and you’re better off saving it for a time when never.

7 DO be sparingly funny

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Okay, you can be a little inappropriate if you want, but keep it relative-friendly. Jokes are appreciated, but don’t rely on marriage tropes for cheap laughs.

6 DON’T be predictable

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Weddings are so formulaic, so how about you don’t be? Say something different. Entertain your audience. Give the bride and groom something nice to remember. A little extra effort goes a long way.

5 DON’T forget to talk about their relationship

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The most important thing in any best man speech is to talk about how good the married couple is together. A funny story or something you think is special between them will strike the right chord with your audience.

4 DON’T do inside jokes

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The amount of “funny” it is to you and whoever else knows about it is not equal to the amount of “confusing/stupid” it is to everyone else.

3 DO make it meaningful

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Your boy chose you as the best man for a reason: because no matter how he communicates it, you’re his eternal wing man. Pay him the respect of showing a little heart in your speech.

2 DON’T go on too long

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Unless you’ve got a great story or a seriously well-written speech full of wit and emotion, don’t go on too long because you’re going to bore everyone. They’re all sitting there eating their over-cooked filet waiting to get back to the bar or the dance floor, and the last thing they want is to hear you drone on and on.

1 DON’T be too drunk

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I mean sure, be a little drunk and loosen up your delivery, but don’t be normal wedding drunk and slur your way to painful-to-watch best man speech infamy.