Double-tie highlights insane ‘The Price of Right’ Showcase Showdown

Two pregnant women named Lisa went belly-to-belly in an amazing The Price is Right Showcase Showdown, the likes of which we’ve never seen. When it was all said and done the two had $12,000 between them.

The Price is Right insane

Here’s what happened. Yellow shirt Lisa rolled a 75. Blue shirt Lisa responded with a 75 of her own. Yellow shirt Lisa then rolled a $1.00. Blue shirt Lisa responded with a $1.00 of her own. Crazy right? But we’re not done.

Yellow shirt Lisa then busted out a 5 for the ever elusive $10,000 prize. I half expected blue shirt Lisa to roll a 5 so shit would hit the fan but alas, her luck ran out. But did it really?

Blue shirt Lisa advanced to the final because she had a higher score of 55. Then she won a trip to Antigua, a car and holy crap she took home $55,132 in cash and prizes. Good day for blue shirt Lisa, who informed the audience that her mother had also won on The Price is Right in 1974.

So, yeah, wow.