If You Drive Like A Moron You Better Expect Instant Karma

This is one of those rarest of videos, in which we see an idiot with a dashcam driving like a complete moron, put everyone on the road in danger, get served instant karma, AND THEN upload the video of them looking like an idiot to YouTube!

Typically when someone messes up this bad they don’t upload the video, they stash it away or immediately delete it so there isn’t a video trail of them putting people’s lives in danger AND looking like a jackass. So thank your lucky stars and stripes that a) this video exists and b) it took place in Russia and not stateside. P.S. Turn your speakers DOWN for the screaming at the end!

Isn’t it wonderful when a jackass gets his share of instant karma?

Let’s watch the money shot one more time in GIF without all the screaming….

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