Drunk guy arrested for doing something awesome, but illegal, at airport

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It’s tough to find activities to pass the time while stuck in an airport.

Reading? Boring. Playing on your phone? Gets old. Watching a movie on your iPad? Saving it for the plane. There’s really nothing better to do but drink.

This certified genius passes the time by getting hammered, posing as a TSA agent, and patting down random women.

A San Francisco man suspected of having one too many drinks is accused of posing as a Transportation Security Administration agent and groped two unsuspecting women, both foreigners, into a private booth for security pat downs.

Foreigner or not, how does a person fall for something so odd? It’s all in the sell.

The man, who was wearing khaki pants and a blue polo, may have swiped plastic blue gloves to look the part.

Certified genius.

[via CBS San Francisco]

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