Drunk guy dance off ends with ball grab

A drunk man dancing alone is good for a laugh. A drunk man challenging a big guy to a dance off and finishing him off with a ball grab is classic. “This is what drugs does.”

Most of us have made a fool of ourselves dancing on a few occasions. I can think of a night only about a month ago that would have been pretty embarrassing for me had there been footage. Hopefully this guy doesn’t care. I’m pretty sure I caught some solid attempts at tutting and waving, and he was desperate for a dance off. When he eventually got his wish he dispatched with the cackling man with ease after grabbing him below the belt. It was nice to see the over-sized gentleman let it fly because that’s typically when these videos turn into one-punch knockouts.

Oh, and someone should let them know that America’s Funniest People hasn’t been on TV for almost twenty years. You probably won’t be making any money from them. That’s what YouTube is for. You’re welcome.