Drunk Red Sox bros give stupidest interview ever

Boston local news hit the streets after the World Series and got what they asked for. Drunk people saying incredibly dumb things. These two Boston bros set mankind back hundreds, if not thousands of years.

I’ve transcribed their stupidity for you.

Drunk douche #1
: “This is history and I’ll you what, I was not alive during 1918 obviously and this was more than fucking history.”
Drunk douche #2: “I’ve been alive since probably 1988 and this is the best time ever cause I’ve been watching the Sox since ’88, I haven’t seen them win a Game 6 since now.”

Ok, we need to break this down.

Drunk douche #1 is using the whole “we haven’t won a World Series at home” narrative. Arguably the dumbest narrative in sports history. Nobody cares where the title was won. Did you celebrate less in 2004 because it was on the road? Really? Tell me, did the Giants win at home or on the road last year? How about the Heat? See, nobody gives a shit. Stop it with that nonsense.

Drunk douche #2 has no idea what year he was born. That’s a problem. A big one really. He’s not drunk, he has Alzheimer’s. Someone should return him home. Like, immediately. His family’s looking for him.