This is the worst moment in the history of organized sports

by 6 years ago

This is perhaps the most insanely stupid thing I’ve seen in a basketball game. The collective idiocy here is mind boggling, really. James Naismith is rolling over in his grave.

Seriously, what the living fuck is going on? This wasn’t a game with little kids, this was a full-fledged international affair between Slovakia and Mexico. There appears to be ONE girl who caught on to the shenanigans as they were happening. ONE GIRL! Again I ask, WHAT THE FUCK?!

I mean, I’ve seen this happen off a jump ball situation. You’re not really sure what direction you’re going, you get your coordinates mixed up. Ok, it’s still stupid but I kinda understand. But this came off a motherfuckin’ free throw. You were standing right there as the girl stood there and missed the basket.

I honestly think they should test that girl for drugs. Like maybe she popped a molly or something. Or maybe she’s taking some drug we’ve never heard of. Some weird, crazy shit that only exists in Slovakia.

And Mexico, you’re not without blame here either. You’re stupid too.

I’m so mad at everything right now. That being said, I found it humorous enough for a Yakety Sax remix.


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