Epic Meal Time ‘Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito’

by 6 years ago

Epic Meal Time created an Inside-Out Breakfast Burrito Burrito with a meager 53,646 calories and 3,578 grams of fat. “This is somethin’ that your soggy cereal munchin’ daddy doesn’t have the chest hair to f@*k with.”

Speaking of cereal, I’ll bet when Harley runs out of Jack he just eats his cereal dry instead of whining about how it’s ironic. Better to stick with a giant breakfast burrito stuffed with breakfast burritos though. Why have deal Nelly rapping about Honey Nut Cheerios when you can eat 200 eggs packed with drug budget worth of bacon? I don’t know how much Molly costs, but that’s a shitload of bacon. All I need is a gallon of Cholula, and I’m ready to eat.

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