Everything you know about powdered alcohol is wrong. Here are the facts



Everything you think you know about the new powdered alcohol, Palcohol, is wrong, especially if you were planning to snort it.

In the race to be first, many outfits have shared fake facts about Palcohol, the adult version of Dippin’ Stix. Apparently it pays to not have time to write up the story. According to creator Mark Phillips, here’s what you… assuming the most recent update to the Palcohol website is accurate.

You can’t snort Palcohol. Well, you can; it would just be stupid. I’m not talking about stupid in the butt chugging way either; at least that would get you drunk. Phillips knows that people are degenerates so he added enough filler to make sure you’d have to snort a half of a cup of powder just to get a shot of alcohol. Be a man and buy some coke if you’re that desperate to put something up your nose.

When you add five ounces of water it ends up being the equivalent booze content of a standard cocktail. It’s actually 10%-12% ABV, not 65%. The site isn’t clear if that¬†number is reflective only when mixed properly, but I would assume so. If you want to try to dissolve a full packet in one ounce of water though, you’ll probably be drinking sand.

There are six versions. V and R are just liquor, vodka and rum. They also have Cosmo, Mojito, Margaria, and Lemond Drop. The powder itself is flavored so just adding water turns it into a cocktail. You might want some frozen water as well, but what do I know? I just drink booze for a living.

The original TTB labels have been surrendered, but supposedly that’s due to the amount of powder in each packet. That’s a mistake on the TTB’s part, and thankfully it’s not the same as pulling their their approval of the product. Palcohol hasn’t abandoned their plan and still intend to put product on the shelf by this fall.

Of course they were very clear that they’re against you doing anything illegal with their product. That isn’t going to stop me from sneaking it into Michigan football games, but that’s on me. It’s just like booze brands telling you to drink responsibly. I don’t expect anyone to call for STilL 630’s head when I get arrested for dancing naked in the streets after a few too many Rally Point Rye manhattans.

It will be interesting to see how the actual product launch goes given the amount of misinformation floating around. Palcohol seems like a brilliant idea to me. As far as controversy goes though, I don’t see how it’s any different than carrying a flask aside from the ease of transportation and flavor creation. People outraged by this newwd to go back to their cases of stockpiled Zima.

Yes, the header image is cocaine. It has nothing to do with Palcohol.