If you downloaded a tool to hack your friend’s Facebook, you might want to read this

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A bogus tool for hacking Facebook accounts is making the rounds and turning the tables on unsuspecting jerks.

PCWorld explains how the tool works.

The seed of the scam is a video on Facebook that claims to offer a tool for obtaining login credentials for friends’ accounts. Instead, it hacks the person’s own account, said Satnam Narang, security response manager for Symantec, in a blog post.

The video directs potential victims to a document on Google Drive that contains a piece of JavaScript code. Users are instructed to paste the code in their browser’s console window—a feature used by developers—and execute it. If they do, their Facebook account is hijacked and used to “like” other pages and follow lists, which drives up the illusion of popularity of those pages.

The scam has been successful — It was used earlier this year to inflate the “like” count on some pages by 50,000 to 100,000.

Honestly, touch crap. You download something with the intent of being a dick, you get dickish things happen in return. Am I supposed to feel bad? It’s like showing sympathy for a bank robber getting shot. If only he could go back in time and not rob the back.

Actually, for the bank robbery correlation to work, it would be like shooting a bank robber before he even left the house.

Bogus tool for hacking your Friends’ Facebook account hacks you instead [PC World]

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