Fans call USGA, narc on Steve Stricker for rules violation that never occurred

The great American pastime of phoning in violations at golf tournaments continued yesterday when several folks narced on Steve Stricker after a wayward tee shot. Apparently, these heroes at home thought Stricker improved his drop by stomping all over the grass.


If I had the means I would hire a troop of monkeys, feed them Indian food and have them fling poop at these folks.

USGA vice president Thomas O’Toole met with Stricker right after he birdied his last hole for a 1-over 71. O’Toole said a call came in that Stricker improved his lie in an area where he intended to take a penalty drop by walking back and forth on the thick grass.

After meeting with Stricker, it was determined that he did not drop it in the area he was walking, and it was not a violation. Stricker said he was surprised to see O’Toole in the trailer to ask about the drop.

Is there an entitled people’s message board that I’m not aware of? One where they provide numbers to golf tournaments? I’m entirely serious here. I consider myself skilled in the art of internet sleuthing and I have no idea how one goes about calling the USGA.

Also, my new mission in life is to find these people and shame them publicly. Who’s with me?