Father of the year uses car seat to cradle his whisky, not his baby

One whisky loving father was tossed behind bars down in Henry County, Georgia after he was pulled over and police discovered he was using the car seat to cradle his hooch, and not his two-year-old son riding in the front seat.


NBC11 Atlanta reports:

Henry County Police were responding to a 911 call about a man sitting slumped behind the wheel of his car along Jodeco Road at a traffic light. The light had changed several times, but the car hadn’t moved. When another driver saw a man asleep behind the wheel and a little boy in the front seat, he called police.

According to the police report, the responding officer saw the man passed out with his foot on the brake. A two-year-old boy was in the front passenger seat without a seat belt or car seat.

Officers reportedly approached the car, observed the passed out dad, car seat in the back holding a bottle of whisky and child in the front seat just taking it all in. Now I know it’s only August, but certainly this upstanding gentleman has to be a candidate for ‘Father of the Year’, right?


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