Felt REWIND: Never lose your earbuds again

Earbuds are awful for many reasons, but there are two basic problems with them. First, unless you properly wind them, they will inevitably knot up. Secondly, they’re incredibly easy to lose.


The Felt REWIND solves both problems and gives you a way to easily control your music on your phone, to boot.

The REWIND is essentially a backpack for your phone that contains earbuds. When you’re not using the buds, they contract into the casing.

The casing itself pairs with your phone using Bluetooth, giving you easy to access controls to play your music or answer calls as necessary. Say what you will about touchscreens, they’re hard to use without looking at.

There is, however, one fairly distinct drawback: You’re going to have to swap out your case. Felt accessories are designed to clip into the Felt case, which to be fair looks like a nice case, but may not be necessarily for everybody.

Still, it’s nice to see somebody is bothering to solve the little annoyance of iPhone ownership. Felt gear will be available later this year.

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