We Are All This Ferret Who Just Got Bitch Slapped By Life’s Unfair Expectations

Sometimes life throws wildly unfair expectations in your face, but the human spirit is strong, and you try to persevere. But no matter how you try there are going to be times in life when you come up just a bit short, and this ferret trying to jump onto this ironing board perfectly embodies life’s struggle.

He wants to make the jump so bad, soooooooo badly, in fact I can’t say I’ve ever seen a ferret show so much emotion. Alas, this ferret seems to have forgotten that it has legs proportionately sized to the arms of a T-Rex. Those little legs aren’t getting you from that bed, why disillusion yourself?
While I’m using this ferret as a metaphor for life dropping a steamy number two on your chest, it’s important to remember that it is just a ferret and this animal should know its role.

via Deadspin’s RabbitHole

I could watch this tiny jump, all day, every day, for the rest of my days:


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