Internet officially hits rock bottom as 2-year-old tries to defend mom in disturbing fight video

by 5 years ago

disturbing fight video

As far as fight videos on the internet go, this one is the worst. The absolute worst. The Salem (N.J) police are searching for a woman who severely beat a mom in front of her 2-year-old son. At one point in the video, the toddler tries to intervene by kicking the woman—then she threatens to kill him. The whole thing will make you sick to your stomach.

Listen, I love laughing, I love joking around, I love stupid fight videos that involve people getting hit with shovels. But this? Nah, there’s nothing funny here. This is disgusting. This is moral depravity. This isn’t even human behavior. How are those people just standing there, watching that? Seriously, what’s wrong with you? She said she would kill a 2-year-old—and you have your cell phone out, recording?

Fuck off, every single one of you, fuck off.

By the way, the suspect appears to be a McDonald’s employee. If you know her dirty ass, please turn her in to Salem Police.

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