FirstWorldProblems.Biz hilariously shows how lazy we are

Tech is dedicated to one thing, and one thing only: convenience. It doesn’t matter if the task is incredibly simple, or it makes more sense to do it the old-fashioned way rather than use an app or some other form of technology. Somebody, somewhere, is trying to invent something that will let your iPhone do it.

And now somebody has made a website to show just how ridiculous it is.

The site, called, is simple. You go to the site, click the pulldown menu, and it redirects you to solutions to problems such as “I don’t want to use two hands to unplug my $400 phone” or “Skateboards look cool, but using my legs are strenuous.”

Ironically, flipping through this menu, I actually found some stuff that’s pretty useful, like Buffer Box, a Canadian company purchased by Google that essentially serves as a private package mailbox, the equivalent of shipping your stuff to work instead of your apartment.

Some, however, are just plain ol’ hilariously mean, like “I’m nostalgic for an era from before I was born” redirecting you to Instagram’s website. If you think you’re whining too much (and if you think you don’t, then you probably are), this site is a valuable correction. [Official Site]