Fisherman catches a stingray and holy crap what just happened?!?

A Florida teen and his girlfriend were fishing for sharks near Ponce de Leon Park in Punta Gorda when they received a bit of a surprise.

While fishing for sharks with his dad and girlfriend, Calvin Conger reeled in a stingray only to find out he’d soon become a midwife. Upon pulling the ray in to the boat, Calvin’s dad noticed something awry.

What was happening was the stingray was midway through a live birth of two lil bebe stingrays, and ‘ol papa Conger stepped in to save the day by squeezing them out of mama ray’s belly. Video after the jump:

I’m not sure whether to be horrified or aroused, any suggestion? Let’s roll that beautiful bean footage one more time, shall we?

As you saw in the video all three stingrays were released to live out their days in the water.


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