For gals there’s ‘Project Runway’ and for dudes there’s ‘Project Cosplay’

Well, it’s not like women can’t enjoy the behind the scenes of cosplaying, but guys will definitely care more about looking pretty and resembling a recognizable video game hottie, right?

So on YouTube (where else) is Stage 5 TV’s Project Cosplay, in which Crystal Graziano, a professional cosplayer, attempts to resemble various famous characters from video games and comics, with the help of Hollywood effects expert Steve Wang.

The most recent episode involves Graziano trying to look like Fem-Shep, from Mass Effect

So I happen to know a few real-deal cosplayers, and the stuff covered is info I’m actually familiar with, via my conversations with said folk (hey, cosplayers like talking about cosplay). And it’s true what Wang says; it’s a really difficult thing, since it’s normally a one person operation.

It can also cost a ton of scratch if one you don’t know what you’re doing. What impresses fellow costumers most isn’t just how the final product looks, but knowing how cheap it was to ultimately assemble.

Anyhow, game-related another clip, from the free to play MMO Firefall. To be honest, it’s not all that different from the above (hopefully Graziano will tackle something Street Fighter or the like next)…

So, time for one last one, of Catwoman…