Statue of former first lady sent back because the breasts were too large


“Too large according to who!” asked the four hundred guys in line to touch the statue.

The Ministry of Culture in Romania is insisting the bust commemorating the former first lady be reworked because its breasts are too large. The Ministry of Culture is always ruining it for people. Always!

Central European News reported that the the bust, or busts, of Arethia Tatarescu was unveiled in the local park of her home town of Targu-Jiu this month. Since then, everyone is an authority on art AND boobs.

Pompiliu Ciolacu, head of the local council’s Culture Department, said: “Artistically it’s exaggerated, and that means that aesthetically it doesn’t resemble the real image of the person.” Radu Boroianu, a deputy minister in the Romanian Ministry of Culture and a modern art enthusiast, called for the sculpture to be taken down and reworked by local artist Paul Popescu.

The artist is refusing to redo the work, because he’s an artist, and that’s the type of shit artists do when you critique their work.

‘Breasts Too Large’ On Bust Of Romania’s Former First Lady Arethia Tatarescu, Ministry Of Culture Says [Huffington Post]