Former NFL cheerleader tries to give 12-year-old oral sex, gets probation

A former Tennessee Titans cheerleader trapped a 12-year-old boy in a bathroom, grabbed his penis and attempted to give him oral sex. She was sentenced to 18-months probation because the American justice system gives zero f-cks about women raping boys.


Elizabeth Garner was arrested in March of this year after following a boy into the bathroom at a party hosted by the boy’s mother.

Garner allegedly then grabbed the boy’s penis over his shorts … and attempted to remove them in order to perform oral sex on him. According to police, the boy said Garner asked if he’d ever been with a woman. Garner later told police she thought the boy was someone else (a grown man).

Yeah, let’s flip that story around for a second. NFL player follows 12-year-old girl into the bathroom, forces himself on her. Tells police he thought the 12-year-old was a grown woman.

What. The. Fuck.

He’d get five years for the attempted rape and five years for coming up with such a stupid excuse. But this bitch, Elizabeth Garner, got 18-months probation, a freakin’ slap on the wrist. According to TMZ, if she stays out of trouble, the case will be expunged. As in, nobody will ever know she was a sex offender. That’s disturbing. For all we know, Garner is a serial pedophile, who preys on little boys.