Facebook now allows breastfeeding photos thanks to #FreeTheNipple


Facebook doesn’t like photos of almost topless hot mommas. Breastfeeding mommas is totally fine.

Facebook has changed its community guidelines to allow users to post photos of breastfeeding. The change is all thanks to a #FreeTheNipple hashtag and millions of babies hungry for breastmilk and to have their photos on Facebook.

The change comes as the wide-ranging #FreeTheNipple online campaign has built pace in its attack against guidelines used by social media websites to regulate nudity – from photos of breastfeeding to topless photos post by singer Rihanna’s on her now defunct Instagram account.

Facebook never had an actual rule against breastfeeding pics. They just played silent assassin with photos. #FreeTheNipple has changed the game.

“Users who had posted photos of women showing their nipples while breast feeding have complained that Facebook moderators citing ‘nudity and pornography’ removed their images, regardless of whether the photos were overtly sexual.”

So get ready for a Facebook newsfeed full of #FreeTheNipple photos and kiddies sucking on titties.

[via Independent]

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