Fugitive arrested after posting ice bucket challenge video online

Ice bucket fugitive

via Omaha Correctional Center

Finally, the ice bucket challenge does some REAL good.

Ok, the money raised is awesome, but unless it CURES ALS it’s all for show.

Jesean Morris, a 20-year-old man from Omaha, had skipped parole and was wanted by his local law enforcement. While on the lam, Morris was challenge by a friend to participate in the ice bucket challenge. Morris accepted, recorded the moment, and posted it to Facebook.

And that’s when cops swooped in —

The video led someone to identify the house, near 33rd and U Streets, where Morris’ taped his challenge. The person, who knew Morris had an outstanding warrant, contacted police. Gang unit officers Nick Sidzyik and Dan Martin were sent to try to find him. They watched for Morris outside the house about 3 p.m. Friday and saw him climb into the back seat of a Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Morris was none too happy about getting pinched. Police claim he gave the arresting officers a fake name and birthday and kicked out a safety partition in their police cruiser. He also allegedly spit in Officer Martin’s face.

But did he donate the $10 to ALS is my question.

[via Omaha.com]

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