Funny roommate notes, smuggling Fails, Stephanie Morgan and more are winning the Internet today

Since we here at Guyism pretty much live on the Internet we run across an awful lot of good things each day. These are some of the funniest, sexiest, most entertaining things we’ve seen on the Internet today.

Hilarious Roommate Notes

The Chive

Only a roomie would leave a note like that.
These Roommates Know How to Leave the Best Notes (19 Pics)

Athletes Who Had Their Twitter Hacked

Bleacher Report

They were really hacked and not just stupid, right? Right?
10 Athletes Who Totally Had Their Twitter Hacked

RIP Robin


Stephanie Morgan is a Hands-Down Dime

SI Extra Mustard

This photo is just the beginning of her hotness.
Hot Clicks: When Athletes Change Their Name, Plus Stephanie Morgan!

Absolutely Fascinating Photos

Caveman Circus

Know who that guy is? You should.
A Damn Fine Collection of Fascinating Photos

Girl Picks Up Guys With a Boner Prank

Karly’s Back!

Gorilla Mask

And her top can barely contain it’s excitement.
Karly (NSFWish)

Smuggling Attempts That Failed Miserably


I bet these ideas looked great on paper.
10 Photos of Clever Smuggling Attempts That Failed Miserably

Ola Brunath is Polish for Sexy


Well, hola Ola!
Model at Midnight: Ola Brunath

Seems Reasonable


Taylor Swift Looked G-O-O-D Good


She’s getting hotter with each passing ex-boyfriend.
Taylor Swift Looked G-O-O-D Good Last Night

Classic Bill Murray Quotes


The man truly is an inspiration.
15 Bill Murray Quotes to Start Your Week

What was Winning the Internet Yesterday

SI Extra Mustard

Deep fried everything, Johnny Manziel’s debut, Julia Kelly and more!