Furious Pete chugs three bottles of lemon juice

Chugging challenges typically involve alcohol, but sometimes you just want to brutalize your stomach with acidity. That’s the only explanation for why Furious Pete would chug three big bottles of lemon juice.That’s 96 f’ing ounces.

Last month we saw LA Beast take down two bottles, and the pained look on his face was hilarious. I thought that was about as high as anyone would go. Again, why would you do this? Furious Pete doesn’t take too kindly to my doubts though. He didn’t look like he was in pain during his chug; he looked angry. I’m going to assume that was directed at my disbelief.  My apologies, Pete. I’ll never assume you have a stomach lining again.

If you’re bored, there is a bitch fight brewing between Shoenice fans and Furious Pete fans. I don’t see how it’s even an argument. Shoenice is a more impressive chugger. Pete is a more impressive human.