Furious Pete devours Wendy’s 9 patty ‘T-Rex Burger’

Wendy’s T-Rex Burger is the stuff of legend. The 9-patty meal is fit for dinosaurs alone, but Furious Pete made eating one look easier than me putting down a couple Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers. And yes, he had fries with that.

The T-Rex Burger was only on the menu in one particular Wendy’s in Manitoba, but unfortunately it was cut last week after a photo popped up on Reddit. The exposure forced Wendy’s corprate headquarters to respond, and apparently the fast-food giant isn’t keen on feeding people burgers with 3000 calories, 200 grams of fat, and a ridiculous 6000 mg of sodium. It seems to still remain on the super-secret menu though because Furious Pete shot this video after the take-down and at an entirely different Wendy’s. Your move, In ‘n Out.



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