What to watch tonight: Game 6 of the World Series, ‘American Horror Story’

The Red Sox have not won a World Series at home since 1918. They have a chance tonight. I hope they blow it. Here’s what you need to watch.

American Horror Story @ 10pm, FX: Are you caught up with the most recent episode? If so, check out our recap from last week.

South Park @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Ike and Kyle grow apart when Ike hits puberty.

World Series @ 8:07pm, FOX: St. Louis wins tonight’s game 5-0. Who’s with me?

Revolution @ 8pm, NBC: Something BIG is happening tonight on Revolution says NBC in their numerous promos.

Sound FX @ 10:30pm, NFL
: Matthew Stafford was mic’d up last week and word has it that the NFL will release that audio tonight. Here’s a sneak peek.