Gator Wars: Photog captures 14ft alligator ripping apart measly 8ft gator

Photographer Neil A. Furlong of Tampa, Florida recently capture a photo of what might be the biggest alligator ever (in the state of Florida) in the act of eating another, smaller alligator.

Furlong is an amateur nature photographer from the gulf coast, and holy sh*t did he just capture the photo of a lifetime. The gargantuan alligator in this photo is estimated to be somewhere between twelve and fourteen feet in length, and the state record for length in Florida is 14ft3in. So this gator could actually be in the conversation, as there’s no way of telling for certain just how large it is.

Alligators in general get a bad rap when it comes to human beings. Often they’re the culprit when a tiny dog or cat goes missing, so we assume that they’re a major threat to humans as well, but that’s not really the case. This f*cking King of the Gators coming in at a potential 14ft though, he’s a potential threat to nearly anything that breathes.

The photographer, Neil Furlong posted a set photos to an album on his Facebook page which you can view HERE. I highly suggest checking out the rest of the photos as they’re some of the most insane nature photographs you’ll ever see.


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SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel / Neil A. Furlong / HuffPo