Get ready for the most insane ‘Doom’ mod yet

While it might not be the bloodiest mod of them all (that prize goes to Brutal Doom), it’s still guaranteed to boil the blood of those who are easily offended, maybe more so than any before it.

The following, which was recently highlighted by Kotaku, pretty much has it all: you get to kill the elderly, cops, religious figures, (what appears to be Italian) political heads up state, elves, Super Mario, Fat Albert, Barney the Dinosaur, Cthulhu , and a large monkey.

Oh, and can’t forget naked Juggalos who piss on you…

According to its creator, and via Google Translate…

Grezzo2 is a first-person shooter of 1984 (this explains its graphic shit) repeated from year only for Windows systems. E ‘was created in the fucking dog messing around various pieces of video games duke nukem old type, doom, quake and age of empires, all stuffed inside a graphics engine old and ugly.

Grezzo2 is a tribute to the classic video game violence and extreme, to a time when the enemies explode into a thousand red chunks and games were cheaper and were vulgar and morally harmful and could invest the old ladies with the machine, not like the games of fucking now, pallosissime simulations of real war, where Iraqis do not bleed even after a shot in the teeth and there is no blood. diocane. but the graphics are bulissima.

I know how he feels. Also, feel free to check out his homepage, but here’s a big shocker, it’s fairly NSFW (even the logo features graphic female nudity).