Grand Marnier Platinum headed to a club near you

Bottles and models just got a little more metalic with Grand Marnier Platinum. The new spirit is being targeted towards the hip hop market, which means it should be dumped on women in no time.



My primary use for Grand Marnier has been as one of the three ingredients in a margarita. Unbeknownst to me, and probably you, it has a reputation of being a women’s drink. They’re looking to break outside of ladies night with Grand Marnier Platinum, which is stylized GM Platinum because full names are for chicks.

GM Platinum has no sugar in it so it’s not as sweet as the original or extra crispy recipe. This should (I haven’t tried it) allow the spices to be at the forefront. Speaking of which, the spirit is “an exotic new blend of wild tropical orange essence and Asian Calamansi citrus with a dash of spices, rounded out by the fine, smooth Cognac for which Grand Marnier is known.”

The bottle retains it’s choad-like shape but sports a new metallic packaging and silkscreened label that apparently glows in night club lighting. Would that be black lights? Are clubs still using black lights? I need to get out more.

They’re covering all bases by saying it’s good straight up or mixed into simple and complex cocktails. If you happen to live in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Miami, you should be able to get your hands on this new “ultra-premium flavored Cognac” any day now.

Press release via On-Premise

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