A grave government oversight: families of fallen soldiers denied death benefits

by 5 years ago

We’ve reached the abyss of the government shutdown. Five families of service members killed in Afghanistan over the weekend were denied death benefits because of the closure. Disgusting.

Typically, families receive $100k after the death of a loved one. The money is wired within hours so as to handle funeral costs, flights to Dover Air Force base to receive the body, etc…It is referred to as a “death gratuity” which differs from a survivor benefit.



But over the weekend, those families received a call from the Pentagon informing them that they would not be getting the money. At least, not now. The government’s giving out rainchecks to people who fight for our country. People who provide a blanket of freedom for us.

I don’t know how long the government shutdown’s going to last and frankly, I don’t care about the politics involved. I care about soldiers, I care about the people who give me the opportunity to live and breathe everyday. I care about the people who fight for my freedom to write whatever I want on the internet.

I wish the government cared as much.


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