‘Gridlee’ is a so-so iOS game you should download anyway

Why? Because with it, you can play almost any arcade classic from the 80s and 90s on your iPhone/iPad/iPhone Touch, and at zero cost.

Gridlee is a fairly boring and confusing game, one that attempts to evoke memories of a classic early/mid 80s arcade game (and it succeeds, because many back then were equally boring and confusing). But that’s not why anyone with an iOS driven device should download the app ASAP.

Long story short: it’s built around an iOS version of MAME, which stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. As the name implies, it can emulate a large variety of arcade hardware and its games.

There was an official version of MAME for iOS that didn’t last too long in the App Store, once Apple realized that it somewhat encouraged piracy. And, as it turns out, you can get Gridlee to play every old game that you can think of as well.

Unfortunately, adding ROMs is not nearly as easy it was with iMAME, the aforementioned yanked iOS client. But it’s certainly not impossible; please refer to Touch Arcade for details (they also point out that Gridlee‘s version of MAME is better than the one in iMAME, which is pretty neat).

Oh, and because it’s fairly irresponsible of me to encourage piracy, I must suggest that you load games that are not readily available via the App Store in any official capacity, or elsewhere. Luckily, there are a TON of old arcade titles that remain untouched, and read for you to discover.

But, given the potential that Gridlee has contained, the kind that Apple would rather not have running wild, there’s a very good chance that it may not last in the App Store for long, so nab your copy immediately.